[WINDOWS APP]Check Fus Downloader 2.1- Download and decrypt latest firmware [Kies2.0]

The only working Firmware Checker, Downloader and Decrypter for Samsung firmwares. Bada and Android.

Download links can be found here :
 Check Fus Downloader 2.1. OR HERE

Usage of non-GUI
Usage: <-c|-dl> <HIDSWVER> <PRODCODE> [<MODEL>] [<OS>]
-c --- Check latest firmware
-dl --- Download latest firmware
<MODEL> --- Default: GT-I9000
<OS> --- Default: Android
-- Alternative: Bada
Example: CheckFusDownloader.exe -c I9000XXJF3/I9000OXAJF3/I9000XXJF3/I9000XXJF3 XEU
Example: CheckFusDownloader.exe -c S8500XXJL2/S8500OXAJL2 XEO GT-S8500 Bada

Let me know if something fails.


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As many of you probably have noticed, @SamKiesUpdates have begun tweeting firmwares found using TestMode in Kies. I will add ability to download TestMode, enable TestMode in Kies and the next version will also have a sorted list.

But what is TestMode?
TestMode is a mode in Kies which enables you to install a not yet (but soon to be) released firmware and is only intended to be used by advanced users! Not for the regular user.
As promised, here is the new version: Check Fus Downloader 2.1.

v.2.1 - File version
* Added ability to download TestMode firmwares
* Let's you enable TestMode in Kies (Please report on XDA if it works)
* Sorted model list

I got some good news and a major update!

You no longer need FusCipherUtil.dll to use CheckFusDownloader! This makes it possible to port to other languages, such as platform independent Java :) I will start the port as soon as I can, but dont expect it to soon :)

Other changes
* Bada support
* Not limited to the preset list anymore (Advanced tab)
* Decrypt a already downloaded firmware
* CRC check a already downloaded firmware
* Bug fixes and a lot of code clean up.
* Icon

Consider a small donation to keep me motivated :)
Check Fus Downloader 2.0

Bug fix version released
v.2.0 - File version
* Fixed high memory consumption when downloading files.
* Should work in Win XP now

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